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The only foodstuff that is rich in antioxidants (they fight cholesterol, stop the formation of cancer cells and prevent heart attacks) and in which there is a composition of saturated and moninsaturated fatty acids that is similar to that advised by researchers for daily diet is extra virgin olive oil”.
[Graziano Barbanti - “Extra virgin olive oil – Bodyguard for health protection” Ed. fotograf - only italian]

Why we produce only olive oil form pitted olives?

National research shows that the quality of oils extracted from the paste of pitted olives is superior to that of oils extracted from whole fruits. If the olives are picked during the phase of partial colour change and are sent to the mill within the next twelve hours, using the two-phase extraction (without adding hot water in the breaking phase) the superior quality is linked to the following parameters:

* lower acidity and peroxide levels;

* more polyphenolic (anti-oxidant) substances in the oil;

* more resistance to oxidation and improved preservation of the oil over time;

* more balanced oils with high presence of the characteristic aromatic substances.


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