About us

The Maria Layla Fatta farm is situated in the province of Palermo, Sicily, Italy.
Thirty-five years ago, Mrs. Layla saw a vast area of olive trees and she fell in love with these beautiful age old trees.
Afew day later, she bought the land and started her own farm.
From that moment on, with great care and dedication and also with the help of her loving husband who is also her counsellor and advisor, she used her energy to make the farm grow, become better and she uses new technologies in growing techniques.
The farm is certified as ORGANIC.
The olive trees are taken care of with great attention and love. They care surrounded by wonderful lemon trees and many other varieties of fruit trees and vegetables. Mrs Layla's farm is an oasis of tranquility and clean air where silence is the real master. Even though the plantation is only a few kilometres from tree towns, it is surrounded by trees and plantations; she had been advised to transform her farm in a land-turism, but for her great love of the olive trees, she would never do anything that woud disturb the tranquility of her trees.