Our olive oil

It is from immediately cold pressing olives which are harvested by hand on M. Layla Fatta's farm. Olives are harvested from the end of September to mid-October.
The olives are hand harvested and brought immediately to the oil mill, this is to keep as low as possible the acidity in the oil.
The oil is not filtred, for this reason some deposits may be found on the bottom of the bottle.
This indicates that the oil is actually from the year written on the bottle, end it means quality for those who appreciate crude oil as it comes from the oil mill. Immediately afterward, the oil is poured into large containers and is left to deposit. The oil is then bottled.
Cuscinà oil is un-filtred, fruity, grassy, bitter and pungent. It is harmonius, thick and has a wonderful persisting aroma. It is made from the "cerasuola" variety, located in the Partinico c/da Bosco Falconeria in Palermo country area.
This oil is perfect for salads, barbequed food and doups. In cooked foods it brings out their flavour.